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Learn Cost Saving Mil-Spec Packaging  Technique

What You Can Expect

During the course, you will gain the ability to quickly interpret MIL-STD-2073-IE and MIL-STD-129R, as well as ASTM-D-3951 packaging in a highly cost effective manner. You will learn to train your staff on the fundamentals of packaging with easy-to-follow written instructions and illustrations. You will become able to comply with ANY military packaging specs cited in your U.S. government contracts. OS2 training materials include a simple guide that can be incorporated into any working process. Ensure your warehouse is always Mil Spec compliant. Increase profits and gain complete independence from third parties.

Your Course of Study

Take a complex subject and make it process-friendly for your entire staff. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand both military and commercial packaging and how to select the most cost effective materials. We take you through the process of contract review, code and method application, and product prepping for shipment in one day. Control your own shipments from A-Z. Become you own compliance packaging facility.

Who Should Attend

Any company selling products to the U.S. Department of Defense including prime contractors and subcontractors selling and manufacturing will benefit greatly from a full day of OS2 training. Distributers, Dealers, Manufacturers and Overhaul MRO Departments will learn the skills needed to gain total packaging independence. Success often comes through specialization in a specific functional domain. Prime contractors that want to advance and apply the multi-functional perspective can learn to comply with the military packaging requirements cited in each solicitation and contract. As a result of OS2 Corp training, clients who followed our instructions achieved the highest quality ratings, reduced returns, and saved money.


Al Levinstein, President OS2 Corp
In September 1998, Al Levinstein graduated from the Department o f Defense School of U.S. Military Packing. One year later, he was appointed to be a U.S. Military-Civilian Transportation Officer and received Top Certification, Quality Control Procedure “A”. During the same year, Mr. Levinstein graduated from Nova Southeastern University’s Executive Development Program. Mr. Levinstein completed the Harvard Business School’s Key Executive Management Program in 2001 and the Harvard Business School Financial Management Program for Small Companies in 2002. For the past 24 years, Mr. Levinstein has been in charge of shipping more than 59,000 different military packages that contain over one million different spare parts. He has consulted for large and small businesses including Lockheed Martin, United Technologies Corp, and L3. In his dynamic one-day course, he provides the tools and knowledge required to determine which equipment is necessary to purchase, which supplies to order, and which methods of packaging are required per contract specification (Mil-Spec).

As a result of Mr. Levinstein’s training, companies have dramatically reduced their packaging and shipping costs while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. Prior to his current role as President and Owner of OS2 Corp., Mr. Levinstein served as the Executive Vice President and Operations Manager at a U.S. Department of Defense prime contractor.

In 2012, the National Institute of Packaging, Handling & Logistics Engineers awarded Mr. Levinstein the Logistics Award for his “Significant Achievements in Logistics and Packaging.

One-on-One Personalized Sessions

An optional 2nd day for course participants interested in post-course, personalized, one-on-one problem solving sessions is available. Please ask about our special 2nd day sessions at time of registration.

Participants of Day 1 also have the option to attend a following day mini-session with Mr. Al Levinstein to learn bid consulting, FBO, DLA, SDR resolution process, and GSI. Registration is required. Please call for details

About The Training

Fee: $2,950 per person
We offer special discounted rates to corporate groups of three people and more from the same company.
The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, meals and certification of completion.


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